Map of Gulu University

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Day Seven – Projects

The Group projects started very intensively today. My Group is designing a Website for Cavendish University Library. I am glad i am involved in this particular project because i needed to get adequate skills to design, maintain and update Gulu University Library website which has been under construction for a while now. I had very basic skills in Web designing which was very inadequate but now i am sure i will be able to build a good site. Asa group, we are hoping to incorporate all the different skills we have acquired from LATINA 2013 into our project e.g. Videography, Photography, Digital presentation to mention but a few. Thursday is the day all the groups will present their different projects. There is very little time left to complete them properly but we believe that we shall come up with good work.

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My Collage

My Collage

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Day six- Co-Production & Basic troubleshooting

Agnes took us through co-production which is very important when more than one person are producing a piece of work. Before break, we took some time off to work on our individual (Digital story telling) and the Group (Videography) Projects. We still have a long way to go though. Too much work!!! Anyway, the afternoon session was very refreshing,there wasn’t much that was new but it’s always good to jog one’s memory. 

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Day Two

The LATINA Training today is so interesting. Very helpful stuff, its really cool to live in a digital world. Forget the days of paper work and embrace Technology.

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The Haven

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Day one of LATINA Uganda 2013 started at 9:00 a.m., i was late though but better late than never, right?

We did personal introductions for both the participants and facilitators.We then went on to creating blogs. There was a hiccup of no internet but after break tea, the network was back and we started creating blogs. Pretty interesting stuff!!

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